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"Pearlina" Sea Fairy By Rachel Scott is SOLD OUT.
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"Pearlina" Sea Fairy

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Limited Edition of 3
New Design!
"Pearlina" Sea Fairy
By Rachel Scott
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"Pearlina" Sea Fairy is the third doll in the Sea Fairy Collection by
Rachel Scott. This doll took me several months to design.  She has
porcelain head, shoulder plate, arms and legs with a cloth body and
wire armature to pose.  Hand painted eyes, and a white hand made
mohair wig.  She is 11" tall standing height. Her costume is peach and
white satin, with glittery overlay accents which resemble water droplets,
and a fashion forward polka-dot, tulle underlay skirt of several layers.   
Her crown is made of pearls woven into an intricate lace pattern,
adorned with crystals and sequins. She wears mystical crystal ankle
bands and a matching necklace. Her wings are white with pearl and
crystal accents.  She comes with a hand-made and VERY unique doll
stand, decorated with shells, pearls, moss and glitter. One of the great
features about this doll, is that her stand LIGHTS UP!  I've never seen
this before in a doll, and it takes a lot of time to assemble and design,
which is one of the reasons this doll is so limited. However, I wanted to
include this with the doll, I think it is something "extra" and adds more
whimsy and magic to the overal piece.  She comes hand signed by
myself, and with a certificate of authenticity.
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